It doesn’t get jealous when you have another She brings out fumes. Jealousy rate 100%
It doesn’t get upset even though you come home with a beer on your breath She gets suspicious, upset if you come home with a lipstick stain on your shirt or have a different fragrance on you.
When you are through with a beer , the bottle still has little worth When you through with a lady ,sometimes she worth’s nothing
You can share a beer with your friends You can never share a woman with your friends
You are sure of being the first to pop a beer Hardly can you ever be the first to get her cookie,.
You can have more than one beer in a night without any guilt feeling Wow. Don’t even think so. Trying to have more than one woman in a night is tragic.
You don’t have to wine a beer This is so important. You just have to wine the lady to really talk or chat with her
You know how much a beer costs exactly You can’t know how much a woman cost because she is priceless
The older the beer , the better The older a woman gets the less active she becomes
It never says no She has a choice to say no

culled from jarmyne