MET GALA 2016: Beauty Looks We Love
The Met Gala 2016 was a mind blowing event where celebrities graced with their fashion and style .  This year the Met Gala had  the Tech theme of Manus x Machina which means Fashion in an Age of Technology.

Our celebrities were all ready to amaze us with their cutting-edge hair and makeup..

From futuristic vibes to Aliens Looks to Gothics and even to those who totally ignored the theme.


Read on for our favorite beauty looks from the night, from Ciara’s metallic hair and Zendaya’s blunt wig to Kristen Stewart’s platinum knots and Taylor Swift’s goth lips. lets see who were our favorite .

MET GALA 2016:15 Beauty Looks We Love


Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato made it all about her skin with some spectacular strobing and bronzing.

Kylie Jenner
She looked simply gorgeous. Her hair in a nice shoulder bob . Her lips she wore a nude shade of pink . It gave her a new look.

Kylie-Jenner-Met-Gala-2016Given her masterful grasp of being the center of attention, of course Kylie Jenner went classic with her hair and neutral with her makeup on the night all others went bold


We loved this look . Its unlike her and gave her a different look .

She rocked smokey eyes look and cream lipstick . Her hair was the grayish silver finger waves. In total she rocked in silver-encrusted hair and makeup which is a  proof that ciara can pull off anything.

Kim Kardashian West
she rocked the mettalic look perfectly . Her hair had the wet ripple effect .

Kim-Kardashian-West-MET-Gala-2016Lupita Nyong’o

Cindy Lou Who? No, just Lupita Nyong’o in her latest statement hairstyle.

Taylor Swift
She rocked the Goth Lips and nude eye shadow well.


Katy Perry
she came out different in her dark look . She had a heavy dark lipstick with blueish mascara . She made a team out of blue and black. Oh no brows ??


Lavender eyeshadow and cobalt eyeliner with your black lipstick and soaring blunt-banged beehive? Yes, when you’re Katy Perry. (Although, we will say the lipstick is pull-off-able IRL. See what the ex…

Amandla Stenberg
Amandla Stenberg kept it natural but won coolest hair accessory—and best brows.


Rita Ora

Like Ciara, Rita Ora went metallic/futuristic, but in a more delicate way—a glint of silver shadow and foil hair tattoos.


Kristein Stewart
She gave a big embrace to her locks half up in a funny but nice hairdo . Also added a techy-silver eyeshadow which complimented the evening theme.

A+++ for killing this year’s theme with that robot-chic eye makeup,

Jourdan Dunn
She wore a combination of shades of Asphalt and Silver Strick. This complimented her silver attire.


Poppy Delevingne
She pulled off an extra- ultra shine look . she had a gothic lipstick on and all shiny.

poppy-delevingne-Met-Gala-2016Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan’s eyes played off the birdlike romance of her dress, from the feathery top lashes to the softest upward flicks of eyeliner.

Oh, you thought you had seen every Zendaya hairstyle there was to see, thanks to her penchant for wigs? Nope! She put a modern twist on ’70s disco glam in this shiny bowl bob.


Jennifer Hudson
If you think you can name someone who does bold lips better than Jennifer Hudson, you’d be wrong. The latest proof being this violet.


And How can we forget our hunk of the Night , Wiz Kalifa